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Pad Thai Restaurant

Pad Thai restaurant and bar by The Experience Walking Street Chiang Mai is serve Thai Authentic dishes and various choices of drinks. Especially Pad Thai is our signature dish as we exquisite cook with fresh ingredient.

Every on Sunday during you enjoy your delicious dinner you also can enjoy our amazing Thai traditional “Khon show.” Further information and table reservation please call 052-088-866, 064-996-5614

Khon Show:

Khon is a Thai traditional masked dance which combines many arts, musical, dance, beautiful details costume, literary and ritual. The main character of Khon that well known are Todsakan is the king of giants that always represent by the green masked. Hanuman is the white monkey, Hanuman is the commander of the monkey soldier of Rama that always fighting with Todsakan. Khon show is take place at Pad Thai restaurant by The Experience Walking Street Chiang Mai on every Sunday from 07:00 PM. to 08:00 PM.

Thai Traditional Cooking Class:

The Experience Walking Street Chiang Mai is offer you the great original local experience with an old style cooking class. All of the utensils are same material as old generation people used which we can say that this style is from a hundred years ago. If you wish to experience old style of Thai cooking class please join our class and we will provide and create your memorable cooking ever.